LunaSea is available on Android 7.0+.

Note that Google Play Services are not required for core functionality, however LunaSea account features and push notifications are not supported at this time without Google Play Services.

If you want a stable experience, stick with stable releases. Want to test new builds of LunaSea? Read about the build channels to make the right choice!

Google Play Store

Channel(s): Stable, Beta, Edge

The easiest way for most users with Android devices would be to download releases of LunaSea directly from the Google Play Store!

Head to the Google Play Store!

Build Bucket

Channel(s): Stable, Beta, Edge Format(s): .apk

All Android releases are available in the Build Bucket!

GitHub Releases

Channel(s): Stable Format(s): .apk

All stable releases are available on GitHub via the Releases page!

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