Many of the supported modules have support for webhooks, which we can utilize with the hosted notification relay to get rich, instant notifications with deep-linking support sent as push notifications directly to your devices running LunaSea!

Push notifications are only available on LunaSea installations from official store releases.

On Android devices, Google Play Services must be installed on the device to receive notifications.

Platform Support

Notifications are only supported on a limited set of platforms at this time because of the availability of Firebase tooling. As support for additional platforms are added to the tooling they will also be added to LunaSea!






Web (Hosted)

Web (Self-Hosted)


Module Support

ModuleSupported?Deep Linking?



Notification Types

LunaSea supports two different types of notifications: User-Based and Device-Based.

User-based notifications send notifications to all devices that are linked to your LunaSea account. Your device is automatically linked when you register or sign in to your account. This means that any current and future devices that are signed-in to your account will receive notifications automatically.

Getting Your Webhook URLs

To get the correct webhook URL for each module, simply head to the Settings within LunaSea, then into the "Notifications" page! The buttons on each module card will copy the full, constructed webhook URL to receive user-based or device-based notifications for that specific module. Please ensure to copy and use the correct webhook URL for each module, as mixing them up can lead to unexpected results.

Do not publicly share your user-based or device-based URL!

Anyone with access to your user or device webhook URLs can send notifications to your account or device.

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