• Read through the main Notifications page

  • Copy your device-based or user-based webhook URL from LunaSea

Setup the Webhook

In Lidarr's web GUI, head to Settings -> Connect, hit the "+" button to add a new connection and select "Webhook". Please follow each section below to setup the webhook:

Select any name, for example "LunaSea".

Once setup, close LunaSea and run the webhook test in Lidarr. You should receive a new notification letting you know that LunaSea is ready to receive Lidarr notifications!


An example Lidarr webhook can be seen below:

  • No tags are set for this webhook, meaning all artists will trigger a notification.

  • This is a user-based notification webhook, meaning it will be sent to all devices that are linked to the user ID 1234567890.

  • The webhook is associated with the profile named My Profile.

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