Build Channels

LunaSea offers four different build channels, each of which supply signed and notarized copies of LunaSea.

All releases for every build channel can be downloaded from the build bucket, and all stable releases for all platforms are also available on GitHub.


This is the store version and will remain the most stable version. No in-progress features will be deployed to this channel.


This channel is focused around early previews and testing of work-in-progress features. This channel is intended to allow users to give feedback to the developer on features that are actively being worked on.


This channel's purpose is to ensure that every commit made to master is building across all platforms and allows for easier access to a build for each commit. This is not intended to be used by the average user, but is for community developers or users who need to test a recently added fix that has not yet reached the beta channel.

There are no restrictions on features in these builds (barring a very specific subset used for debugging/testing) so it gives full access to everything that is work in progress.

Do not expect a fully stable experience if you use these builds, as it is entirely possible that a single build could cause problems including but not limited to database corruption. If you are running these builds, please ensure you have either a cloud or offline backup available for easy restoration.

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