macOS Development Certificate

In order to create any builds for LunaSea, you must first create and attach a Development Certificate to the XCode project.

Preparing the Project

In the root of the project, enter the macos folder and open Runner.xcworkspace in XCode.

  1. Select Runner in the lefthand navigation pane

  2. Under Targets select Runner

  3. Select the Signing & Capabilities tab

Creating a Signing Team

  1. Under Signing select the dropdown for the team (Should currently be Unknown Name (<<My Team ID>>)

  2. Add an account (your Apple ID) and select your name or if already added then simply select your name

  3. The status should show Failed to register bundle identifier because the bundle identifier needs to be unique for each profile

Creating a Bundle Identifier and Signing Profile

  1. Enter a unique bundle identifier (this does not need to resemble the current bundle identifier, it can be anything you want, but should follow the format of <word>.<word>.<word>, so for example I have used app.lunasea.testprofile

  2. Once you enter a unique bundle identifier, hit "Try again" to fetch a new signing profile for this bundle identifier. You will see the Apple Development: <Your email> if you successfully created a signing profile

And that's it! You are ready to create builds of LunaSea using your own signing profile.

If you are using a free developer certificate then the application will remain valid for 7 days on a device. A paid developer certificate allows the application to remain valid for 365 days on a device.

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