Tautulli Notifications


  1. Read through the main Notifications page
  2. Copy your device-based or user-based webhook URL from LunaSea

Setup the Webhook

In Tautulli's web GUI, head to Settings -> Notification Agents, hit the "Add a new notification agent" button and select "LunaSea". Please follow each section below to setup the webhook:


Once setup, close LunaSea and run the webhook test in Tautulli. You should receive a new notification letting you know that LunaSea is ready to receive Tautulli notifications!

Attach Images to Notifications

This step is optional but recommended. Unlike other modules, in order to receive the actual images (posters, etc.) instead of a generic poster along with the notification, you will need to setup an image host within Tautulli.

  1. Go to Tautulli's web GUI
  2. Open the Settings, enter "3rd Party APIs"
  3. Select any of the available image providers
    • If selecting Self-hosted on public domain, ensure that the image path (/tautulli/image) is publicly accessible from the internet
  4. Follow the 3rd Party APIs Guide to acquire the required details for the chosen image provider
  5. Enter and save the acquired API/Client ID information